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The tips below have this months top tipsters at the top so you can see the guys in form! Scroll down to see this months league table. Rumble Racing. F-Racing Tips. Tips are posted from 5pm the day before giving you a chance to get on in the evening at the early prices.

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A place for fans of Valve's Team Fortress 2 trading world to post trades and engage in trade-related discussion. This subreddit is for avrgaming's CivilizationCraft mod for minecraft. Sometimes abbreviated as "CivCraft". Use this subreddit to discuss server news, internal politics, and make suggestions for the server. On this subreddit we will update you with news about the server. You probably shouldn't press it.

Battlefield3 discussion. No Memes or blogspam. Delve into a fascinating world full of dark dungeons, evil monsters and extraordinary treasure. Location spoofer [link]. Secure free VPN [link]. The app I use: [link]. You are gonna need this fake GPS app and developer options turned ON to spoof your location to grab this deal.

Ah, interesting Well then you could either take the extra step of borrowing for free a shitload of movies from the library, or use a gps-spoofing app! I might even recommend such an app to get around the poor GPS signal issue you're experiencing. Which is starting to sound like more work than just setting up a Plex server and torrenting anything you want haha.

Keep in mind, location can be tracked via wifi as well, so turn off wifi location in your phone's settings. Just once I'd like to see central uni garbage sent through the same process research ethics applications go through. Not to mention it's kinda funny they decided to use geolocation when things like this exist. Load this GPS fake location app on your phone. You can make them think you're in church if you want. Make them think you're at your BF's house when you're at home, take an occasional trip to China or India during the day.

Make them lose trust in their spyware and they'll give up on it. I've been pondering the possibilities of sending false gps information, i. My mom also wanted me to download Itz and I've been using this for a while now. This is a fakeGPS with an options to look like you're walking around. It works really well for me. Set it to whatever areas content you're interested in and open YouTube TV.

You'll get the new area content notification, close the app, change location, rinse and repeat. Also if your phone has hotspot support you can connect your streaming device to your phone and it will also reflect the location you've spoofed. Use it with the Roku in my trailer. Turn on Dev options, set fake GPS to be a location app, run fake GPS and select the location and hit start, open maps to make sure the location takes, then open YouTube tv.

If the app is just using Android's location service, you can use the Fake GPS app to spoof your location. I do this sometimes to change my location in the AMI Jukebox app to fuck with my friends and play crappy music remotely when I know they're at the bar.

Since Hulu uses your GPS location, run a location spoofer to make it think you are at home. I sometimes use this one - you'll have to enable developer options in your phone's settings though. Play store link: FakeGPS. A slippery slope is usually about things that may happen as a result.

I'm saying that you have to choose between keeping or rejecting bodily integrity as a principle. You can't say that it's a principle if it can be selectively ignored by the government. If the government is in a position to pick and choose, which specific bodily integrity rights they want you to keep and which ones they want to take away, then you're effectively discarding the principle.

There is no argument for forced chipping that can't also justify the other violations of your body that I listed. So, if a crime happened and you were a suspect and your GPS was off it'd be more probable cause for a warrant than if your GPS was on and said you weren't there. Then just use GPS spoofing.

It's trivial; I even have an app on my Android phone that can do this. It makes other apps believe that I'm in any location that I choose. If you have an Android phone, you can feed apps completely wrong g location data, so it'll still update when they hit the refresh button.

I've used this one before: [link]. Get a GPS spoofer app. Set your location to Anaheim, open the game up on your phone, then cast it to your TV. As long as it's on the same network as the device doing the streaming, it should let us all be watching in "Dallas. Edit: I should not that you do not need an IP address from the area. It's for android. Here's the link : [link]. On Android, you can wipe the app data, spoof your GPS location , and then launch the app and sign in.

If it's still bugging you about location, you'll have to use a VPN to connect, in addition to spoofing location. I have a membership to mSpy a highly invasive spy service and tested my own devices out with that app and it could even fool them, so I'd say in reality theres nothing easier nor better.

It just doesn't really seem that difficult If you "wouldn't trust a redditor with that info", I wouldn't trust a 6 hour account that's attempting to stir up shit to tell the truth either. Restart Snapchat and send a picture with the temperature filter. Can you actually set it though? Anyone with developer options can enable it, but I'm under the impression you need an app that requires root to actually pick on a map where you want it to think it is.

Turn off device location and use "battery saving" and set up a VPN wherever you want to "be. Your other option is something like [link] which may or may not work with your device, sometimes needs root and is pretty difficult to setup. Don't know if this is exactly what you want, nor do I know if it's the best around, but it's a start, I guess. Capture the means of location. Such as this one - [link].

Here are the sound files that you can copy to your Waze folder using this guide. Or you can just use a GPS spoofer to change your location to US and download the voice directly from the app. Downloading the voice files and replacing them manually is better because you can still use the voice after the promotion ends. No just one app. Can change your gps position for all the other app.

For exemple: [link]. You can use an app like fake gps to misrepresent your location. I'm on Android so when I was using one I used this. I assume you can get one for iPhone but I'm not sure. This is what I use, [link]. Check out "Fake GPS location" [link]. If it's an Android, you have a variety of apps available that can fake your location. These are used for testing when building apps, though be warned that some apps e.

Pokemon Go can detect these apps and alert whoever built the app that the location is being faked. I use Fake GPS when testing an app for a friend and it works great. Just pick a location on a map, tap the button to begin, and let it go. If you've got an Apple, you'd probably need to jailbreak your phone in order to fake your location. I don't have an Apple, so I don't know the specifics. I also recommend putting a really strong password on it.

Not a face unlock as you can fool that with a photo , but a PIN with lots of numbers, pattern or if your phone has it, fingerprint. If you have a newer phone with a newer version of Android, you can set up multiple users. That way you can have an account with the app installed and one without, but note that the app may still run when the second user is active. If you own the phone, then look up your rights, because if you paid for it, and have proof of purchase if you have proof, make a copy, ASAP so you can prove you own it!

If she's violent, don't be afraid to call the police and record her being violent. But knowing how computer-smart your mom is can help you work out what methods are effective. If she's anything like my mom, you could disable the app and just say "it's installed. Maybe my GPS is faulty, or the app is no good? Hope this helps, but the real point I'm making is: Know your rights, set a password, don't let this woman win.

De asemenea. This app lets you set your location to Greenland and stream all blacked out games. I've used this and it worked like a charme. You just need to enable location debugging in the developer settings. Just gonna leave this here I've had good luck with this one [link]. Doesn't require rooting either.

Edit: Here is the best one avalible. Still works. Fake GPS location. I use this one some times I have to restart my phone to get the NFL app to take the location. Also, this manual works for enabling GPM on GH, even when providers are not shown in app if you have had it selected as your default provider :. Failed Apps: These simply would crash upon opening: [link] [link] [link] Would load the app but unable to obtain any source of location or even load maps to drop a pin for the spoof location: [link].

I finally stumbled upon this one: [link]. Which gave me the ability to put in Long and Lat coords for spoofing from the start. This one has me working. If that still doesn't work, try adding a mock location app to the mix. And definitely don't install this [link]. I use this for Android. All while showing your location as wherever you'd like:.

This is the one i used: [link]. Will this work? I use this app [link] never had any issue. As with all the other non-Google apps, I've set location access to be used only when the app is open. Yep there definitely is, here u go [link]. I don't know the rules, but you can use this GPS spoofer and set your location where ever you like. Use a fake gps app.

I recommend this instead. No strange permissions and works on every version of Android that I've used including If you wanted to watch on Android for example you could use an app like this, there are similar things for PC. This might help with the Fire Stick.

Alternatively, you can simulate any wherigo regardless of its protections on a real smartphone but with fake GPS readings. Download this and select where you should be then Google maps and everything else should be tricked. I'm using this one by Lexa, but I am sure they all work. This one is simple with no ads or IAPs though and minimal permissions:. Yes and this is trivial. Look at the 'Fake GPS' app on the google store: [link]. There are apps that do it.

Here's one I've used in the past: [link]. Like this one: [link]. Try this works for me [link]. Android: Fake GPS [link]. It is possible without root, I have an app called Fake GPS that gives you the ability to put yourself anywhere in the world.

If you can check on a computer to see your location you could try to test Fake GPS location and see if it does anything. Use this app! It stays on even after the developer options r off! I just used it! Anw, give a try.

You rooted your phone, so nothing to lose with this game. Some even use this on PC emulator to play the game. They can sometimes cause the problems you are describing, even if they have been turned off or uninstalled.

One that I've seen called Fake GPS warns its users about this in the app description and offers some fixes. If you haven't used an app like that, then get GPS Essentials. Install it, open it, and click on 'Satellites'. Wait to see if you can connect to any satellites and how many.

Metal objects and buildings can interfere with GPS signals, including your house and the roof of your car. Try getting your GPS position while standing outside away from any buildings or power lines to see how the phone works with zero interference. See if there is any improvement by doing these things. I rooted my device, installed xPosed with "Mock Mock Locations" enabled and used this gps faker: [link]. Hint, this is able to be bypassed.

It's not like it's absolutely trivial to get around the Geofence GPS spoofer? So does something like this trick it? Not a fan or even American just curious. If you have an android device download FakeGPS. You can fake your location and then open the YTTV app and update your location. Once you're done just update it back to your actual location. Which app are you using? I think this change to selecting an app was introduced in Marshmallow and so if the app hasn't been updated for the change it may not work correctly.

What is reddit's opinion of Fake GPS location? From 3. Created by mouseofleaves. Fake GPS location Free. More tools apps.


The key responsibilities of the Project Manager on this project will be:. If you are an operator of any gambling enterprise, then you must be informed about all the licenses associated with gambling for a targeted geography location.

All the countries have different sports betting laws under different jurisdiction and you must be aware of them. Since, most of the countries do not offer betting licenses, it makes this market even more complex. UK Gambling Commission- www. The Isle of Man Gambling- www. Licence For: Retail solutions for sports betting, virtual games, peer to peer games, casino games, other than live casino B2B. Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board- www. International Technical Alliance s. Here is a list of some features and functionalities for better understanding of an online sports betting website:.

The sports betting website should have its own admin access portal Back-Office portal. The application shall have its own built-in an encrypted wallet management system that will allow a seamless, secure and completely immutable flow of money between the user and the application. This module enables players to participate in online sports betting across multiple sports, leagues, and games. The following are some other features that the application shall offer in order to provide a seamless user-experience.

Based on our analysis, these sections are:. An agent system gives agents or the merchants to manage the accountability of the users, from managing the new ones to blocking the ones who are creating nuisance or disturbance to other users. A content management system is a type of software application that takes care of complete content on your website. It allows one to manage, edit and publish all the digital content that can be seen on your website. Get to know more about sports betting here: 5.

Sports betting is a gambling activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. It basically involves a person called punter , a software known as a bookie software or bookie management software where a bet is placed, and also involves a match or an event on which a bet is being performed.

Betting is performed at both amateur and professional levels. The primary intent of sports betting or gambling is winning money or material goods. But, if not played with proper skills, the person may fall into large debts. Betting mainly varies by the culture of a particular region or country. The majority of bets are being placed on soccer, American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, track cycling, auto racing, mixed martial arts, and boxing.

Sports betting may also expand to non-athletic events such as political elections or show contests. The entire betting market has grown rapidly in the early 21st century. According to Newzoo, here is a graphical representation of the betting trends in the recent years. Types Of Sports Bets. This is the most common type of wager placed among the sports bettors.

It is mainly used in football and basketball. In this type of bet, the bet is placed in a single event or match that carries a point-spread, game total, money line, run line or puck line. These bets depend on the sportsbook odds available. This type includes more than one team with much larger payouts than a straight bet. These bets can include different sports, point-spreads, money line and totals. Parlay bets depend on the number of teams in the wager.

The betting pattern involves a head-to-head bet between just two competitors. It is a popular form of betting where the wager offered by bookmakers consists of two kinds of bets: a winning bet and a place bet. This type of betting line on the total number of a certain statistic generally calculated on goals or scores. Top Betting Websites. Betting Code of Conduct.

The Gambling Regulation Act makes it compulsory for gamblers holding gambling licenses to follow proper gambling code of conduct. If you are a genuine person and desire to adopt a model Code of Conduct in the list above, please see the Statement of adoption for gaming industry page[3] for detailed information. If the model of Code of Conduct does not fulfill your wishes with the gambling industry, you must provide the VCGLR with a copy of the Code of Conduct implemented by you.

Along with these betting types, we offer a bunch of integrations such as social media integration, speech-enabled APIs, multiple payment gateway methods, and many more. We also have custom development of the sports betting website where bookers can choose integrations and design of the website as per their own choices and desires.

If you are looking for experienced and skilled sports betting platform developers, GammaStack can be the right choice for sports betting website and application development. Business Plan Factors one needs to consider before starting an online sports betting software business in Research Research is just like your homework before you go to school.

Geographies To Cover Once you have understood the market trends in your selected sports, you need to select the geographies and locations you want to target. Competition Evaluation Most people tend to skip this, but competition evaluation is a prerequisite for a sports betting business. Risk Management Plan A risk management business plan is the backbone of your entire business model.

Offline Payment Mode Offline payments are done directly through cash, so you need to decide whether your users are gonna do offline or online payment or both. Online Payment Mode Online payment mode involves two more methods of payment, one via credit cards and the other via debit, netbanking, UPI, etc. Usually, all the payment gateways will allow payments to and fro by using all available means, such as: Credit Cards. Debit Cards. Net Banking. Languages Although english is used worldwide, adding language to your website can be the cherry on the cake.

Whitelabel Sports Betting Software These software solutions are architecture or customizable software where a bookie can add betting types, events or matches on their website. Development Process for Custom Software 1. Design Web design surrounds all the skills needed in the production and maintenance of a sports betting website. QA Quality Assurance Quality Assurance of a website is the proof of how a website works, both in terms of design and development. Select your theme In white label sports betting software platform development, the merchants can select their own theme with a betting background.

Add your brand logo and color options You can embed your white label software platform with brand logo and get the platform designed as per your preferences. QA Quality Assurance Quality Assurance is testing the end product both at design and development level. Development Differentiator Custom from Whitelabel Development of both custom and whitelabel sports betting process requires almost the same development process.

These factors are: Data Vendors: In whitelabel, the data vendors are already provided to you by the client, wherein custom development gives you an authority to choose your own data vendor and integrate in your software. Web-Hosting: In custom development, you will have to choose your hosting servers by yourself, wherein whitelabel software provider will provide his own hosting to your website.

UI of the website: User-Interface is very crucial for any website, thus with custom development you can choose the look and feel of your website as how it will look from homepage to the any betting page. Port Management: Avoid opening multiple ports on the application server using Nginx to control the ports and replace those with DNS instead.

Their built-in tools help prevent attacks on sites. Latest, stable version of libraries: Use the latest stable versions of the libraries for development purposes. This ensures that any security patch released from the platform is incorporated. Each development platform gives us LTS releases which are safe, up-to-date and supported long term.

Regular Audits: We perform dependency audits every months and ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest patches released for both OS as well as the application libraries A test plan focused on security is prepared and organized based on your needs. Team Structure It is very important to understand the team structure of the development team. The main roles and responsibilities of the Account Manager are: Finalizing and documenting user stories, wireframes and mood-boards. Communicating the Project Plan with delivery milestones and schedule breakup.

Overseeing project manager, ensuring project completion as per the set schedule and to eliminate or minimize any delays in project delivery execution. Managing project commercials including invoicing, time-sheets, etc. The key responsibilities of the Project Manager on this project will be: Activity and Resource Planning: Planning is the instrument for meeting project deadlines; most projects fail due to poor planning.

First and foremost, the assigned project manager will define the project scope and determine resource allocation. Project Execution Planning: Finalize the project delivery schedule Project Plan with a detailed breakup of sprints, deliverables and delivery schedule. Development is naturally unpredictable; our project managers know how to make adjustments along the way as needed before the project reaches its final stages.

Time Management: Meeting deadlines is non-negotiable, our intended project manager will ensure timely deliveries by careful time management protocols overseen by account manager. Project Risk Management: The bigger the project is, the more likely there are to be hurdles and pitfalls. Project managers with key focus, identify and evaluate potential risks before the project begins. They plan on how to mitigate and keep these risks in check. Over the duration of the development, these risks are then monitored to ensure they have no impact on the project.

Reporting and Documentation: Project managers know the importance of documentation and how essential final reports are. The Project Manager will provide comprehensive reports documenting project execution details and current status. They will also help prepare future growth strategies. Licenses and Certificates If you are an operator of any gambling enterprise, then you must be informed about all the licenses associated with gambling for a targeted geography location. Here is a list of licenses and certificates offered under several jurisdiction: 3a.

Licences 1. Certificates 1. BMM Test Labs www. EN, 10 May — 10 May , Denmark 4. BMM www. Quinel www. The application will allow participation of users via 2 methods: Registered Users. User On-Boarding and User Signup The application or the betting website you are going to develop must have the simplest user on-boarding process. The application should allow users to Sign-Up with a simple form. Mobile Number. Confirm Password. If needed, you can enhance the information needed by also asking the user to provide the following: Date of Birth.

Users need to verify their account in order to have access to the application. Post Sign-Up, First Log-In Once the user is registered and verified, the application shall prompt them to complete their profile. Profile Picture Optional. If needed, you should also provide a system that will allow the users to upload all the relevant government-issued IDs to verify their accounts. Verification will be done by the admin via the admin back-end module.

User Financial Details Since, we know that the core aim of the application is to offer paid sports betting , users will have the ability to deposit funds in their application wallet. In order to participate, users will need to deposit real cash funds within the application. The application or website should come equipped with its own e-Wallet with complete security, encryption, and immutability.

Users will be able to deposit funds within their wallets by using one or more payment gateways. Most of these gateways will allow payments to and fro by using all available means, such as: Credit Cards. Personal setup. Airtel Money. PayU These gateways also come equipped with their own security protocols. The funds collected by the application will be kept in a secure escrow account. All dealings with Payment Processors and final selection of payment partners will be made directly by you.

Back Office The sports betting website should have its own admin access portal Back-Office portal. Admin Portal The website will have a highly detailed dedicated Back-End Admin panel available via a separate web application, which the admins would be able to access via their unique credentials. The main sub-sections this portal shall include : User Management. Reporting and Analysis. Payments and Pay-outs. Admin if needed, will perform the following actions: Restrict User Account. Suspend User Account.

Send promotional materials and other incentives to selected users at their admins discretion. Game Management Admin shall be able to manage the workings of the website from this module. If needed, the admin can also set Bet Limits for users or for particular events.

Admin shall have full control over the events available for selection. Admin Reporting and Analysis In this module, you will get to know about the Admin part. Total referrals generated per user. Total money paid by each user. This information shall be used if and when a dispute is raised by a single user or multiple users regarding the outcome of a particular event. The application shall update these details in real-time and store them securely with access available only for the VIEW, even to the admins.

Admin can keep a track of how many times a certain link was clicked, in order to provide detailed reports to the Sponsors and Ad partners. Payments and Payouts The application shall have a fully encrypted and secure payment system. Users shall be able to deposit funds to their respective accounts by using any of the available payment gateways integrated within the application.

The application can also offer the following form of funds: Referral Funds: As a loyalty program, users shall be awarded referral funds if they are able to get their friends to join the application. Referral funds will be allotted ONLY after these new users have invested a certain amount on the application.

The application shall allow the automated correspondence with users for the following recommended criteria: No Show Users: Users who have not logged in for a while. Active Users: Users who are very active and contributing to the overall growth. After Valve heard of the news took action on these sites, issuing cease and desist orders. Some have even developed cryptocurrencies in which crypto-playing skins can be traded or other skins can be purchased.

Gambling and the many playgrounds have been back in force since then. Many top players and teams were either convicted of or interested in dubious bets. The match was played early and will be broadcast later in the day between Virtus. Players who knew this put bets to take advantage of the inside knowledge of the game before they know the result.

Most teams are funded by websites for gaming and play professionally through Twitch feeds, Facebook gifts or YouTube videos. DaZeD has been strongly criticized by some for uploading a video of himself with WTF skins already stripped and trying to make the unintended bet with an over-the-top acting Dragon Lore. The history of DaZeD of insincere gaming prompted many to a strong reaction to the material they funded. Many of the big esports betting sites , like WTFSkins.

Bet were partners of Krakow and StarSeries Season 4 in previous years. While this may pose certain ethical issues, both in sport and mainstream sport, their growth means that they work freely and allow monitoring like every other organization vs. Apart from peripherals and hardware, the trading and gambling businesses have a big interest in the spotlight and the Counter strike scene, and those websites have an interest in keeping their names healthy. Valve has halted and withdrawn orders to certain web pages while banning deposit and withdrawal bots run by some sites.

Internet service providers were ordered in Denmark to block access to many famous websites for skin betting. The rise of the global skin industry or the gambling culture has not halted. The demonisation of play is the fact that a number of young people place bets on their posts on uncontrolled platforms.

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You can even go as far ip r/csgobetting say CS:GO justice. Not an official forum for. Among the features include al pacino sports betting movie presence format Mystery Box. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers. I was playing a retake. Daily bonuses no deposits required below and register for flair. Please read the rules linked I find the IP server and let him know. Good withdraw system included. It only takes a minute. After you enter statusof game formats, probably most complex support system and various lotteries few times in a.

11 votes, 21 comments. IP: modi.kd-investments.com Slots: 32 (We can get more if needed). modi.kd-investments.com › groups › csgolounge › discussions. modi.kd-investments.com 9 have been forfeited till the weekend due to n0thing being unable to get a new IP until the weekend.